NSK: From Kapital to Capital

From 19 to 21 June 2015 the incredible ‘NSK: From Kapital to Capital’ conference took place at Moderna Galerija as part of the NSK from Kapital to Capital: Neue Slowenische Kunst – an Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia exhibition.

The Conference itself, following from a Keynote by Boris Groys, opened up many lines of inquiry about art, identity, politics and the state under the conditions of neo-liberal globalization. Key to this became the necessity for an active and non-nostalgic re-think of the 1980s – a period which is itself on the brink of passing from memory and becoming established history. During the Conference it became very clear that the work of NSK acts as a tool kit for understanding the political transitions of the 80s to our own ‘state in time’ and as a means to further understand the bifurcation of art from activism which seemed to take place within the more de-politicized ‘postmodernism’ of the 90s.