Granby Four Streets Visit and Future Planning

On Monday 15th February 2016 I was able to visit Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, and in particular my good friend and colleague Michael Simon, to discuss some further ideas about collaborations between Granby 4 Streets CLT. Also visiting for the day was Adam Clarke who is continuing to develop his ideas around Boosbek Industries. During our meeting Adam was able to meet up with Lewis Jones of Assemble who kindly showed us the new Assemble workspace and who also discussed possible cross-overs and collaborations with Adam’s Boosbek Industries project. We were also shown the space which will occupy the incredible ‘Winter Garden’ project/development (which has recently received backing and funding from the Arts Council).

Association of Arte Útil Meeting – Arts Catalyst Gallery Space/London

On Sunday February 7th representatives from Van Abbemuseum, MIMA and the Associacion of Arte Útil met up to discuss the next steps for the Association of Arte Útil project. Artist and instigator of the Associacion of Arte Útil project Tania Bruguera was able to attend the meeting and some interesting plans were made for the future of the project, forthcoming events and further activations of the archive. The meeting itself took place in Arts Catalyst space in London where a manifestation of the Archive/Office of Useful Art was taking underway. As part of an update on the project I was able to feedback on the Office of Useful Art pop-up that took place in Liverpool LJMUs School of Art and Design in October, the role this played in developing the ‘Visible Award’ project in Liverpool and more recent developments that have taken place, in discussion with the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, for further collaboration and research around constituencies and constituency thinking.

Mediation Task Force Meeting MACBA – Constituencies


From January 12th to 14th 2016 the L’Internationale Mediation Task Force met up in MACBA Barcelona to discuss plans for developing Constituencies research and publication. Representatives from Museo Reina Sofía, MUHKA, Van Abbemuseum, Moderna Galerija, SALT Research and Programmes, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art- Teeside Univeristy and Liverpool John Moores University (myself and PhD Research Students Emma Curd and John Hill) and MACBA discussed possible ways to develop this research and began to plan an outline for publication. Whilst at MACBA, the Mediation Task Force also had the opportunity to partake in a workshop with the Avalancha Group who work closely with MACBA in the development of education and outreach projects based on re-negotiating archival material and resources.