A .pdf copy of the short article ‘School of Integration A Tool for Social Change‘,  John Byrne. This was published as part of an Exhibition Pack for all visitors and participants of the Tania Bruguera Exhibition School of Integration: Why is Integration Always the Responsibility of the Immigrant which took place a Manchester Art Gallery from Friday 5th July to Sunday 1st September 2019.

An abridged .pdf version of the book The Constituent Museum: Constellations of Knowledge, Politics and Mediation – Edited by John Byrne, Elinor Morgan, November Paynter, Aida Sánchez de Serdio and Adela Železnik –  you can find a link to the abridged .pdf book here here at the L’Internationale Bookshelf  This abridged version of the book contains my own article ‘Negotiating Jeopardy: Towards a Constituent Architecture of Use’.

Three polemical papers for the Whitworth Art Gallery exhibition “Joy Forever: How to Use Art to Change the World and its Price in the Market.” All three papers “The Political Economy of Art”, “Art and Social Making” and “The Architecture of Politics” are in this pdf: Byrne Joy For Ever Three Polemical Gallery Papers

Social Autonomy and the Use Value of Art, published in ‘Afterall’, Autumn/Winter 2016, pp. 60-69. pdf: Byrne John Social Autonomy and the Use Value of Art

Brexit, New Nationalism, and the New Politics of Migrancy published online at L’Internationale Online, 2016, ‘alter-institutionality’ research strand. This article also appears in the L’Internationale Online e-Publication Subjects and Objects in Exile.

History, Use-Value and the Contemporary Work or Labour of Art published in ‘What’s the Use? Constellations of Art, History and Knowledge: A Critical Reader’, 2016, Valiz, pp. 114-128. pdf: Byrne John History Use Value and the Contemporary Work of Art

Creative Villages Journal 02_05-10-16– p.25 Published in ‘Creative Villages’ Journal No 2.

Back to the Future. Confessions of the Imperfect: 1848 – 1989 – Today  Published online at L’Internationale Online, ‘alter-institutionality’ research strand.

Back to the Future: Grizedale Arts, Use Value and the Work of Art. Published as part of the Coniston Institute’s Online ‘New Mechanics Library‘ project, January 2015. pdf: Back to the Future Grizedale Arts Use Value and the Work of Art

Use Value and the Contemporary Work of Art: Freeing Art From the Present Technocratic Framework. Published in ‘Open’, 2012/No.231, Autonomy Edition. pdf: Use Value and the Contemporary Work of Art JB

Critical Autonomy: Inside Our and Outside In – Provisional Autonomous Communities. Published in ‘The Autonomy Newspaper 1: Positioning’, 2010 Onomatopee and Van Abbemuseum, pp. 14 – 20. pdf: Autonomy Newspaper 1 Positioning

The Yes Men: Art and the Culture of Corporate Capital: Published in ‘Keep It Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with The Yes Men’, ed. Astria Suparak, Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, 2009, pp. 19 – 22. pdf: The Yes Men Art and the Culture of Corporate Capital

Damien Hirst: One Night Only: Gallery Publication to accompany ‘The Eternal Now: Warhol and the Factory ’63 – 68’, 2009, Glucksman Gallery, Cork. pdf: Damien Hirst One Night Onlly JB

Contemporary Art and Globalisation Biennials and the Emergence of the De-Centred Artist: Published in International Journal of the Humanities’, http://www.Humanities-Journal.com, 2005/2006 in Melbourne, Australia, Common Ground Publishing http://www.CommonGroundPublishing.com. pdf: Contemporary Art and Globalization Biennials JB

Why Bas? Brit’ Pop in the Age of Reality TV: Published in ‘Us and Them: Static Pamphlet’, eds. Becky Shaw and Gareth Woollam 2003 – 04, pp. 51 – 57. pdf: Whybas JB

Cybersublime: Representing the Unrepresentable in Digital Art and Politics: Published in ‘Third Text: Third World Wide Web Special Issue’, Vol. 47, Summer 1999, pp. 27 – 38. pdf: Cybersublime Third Text JB

Modernism and Meaning: Reading the Intervention of Brtish Video Art in the Gallery Space: Published in ‘Diverse Practices: A Critical Reader on British Video Art’, Ed. Julia Knight, University of Luton Press/Arst Council England. Pp. 239-259. pdf: Modernism and Meaning JB

Byrne John Social Autonomy and the Use Value of Art