Static Gallery is an independent multi-use project space in Liverpool. I have worked on a number of projects with  Static Gallery since the beginning of 2000 and I have been a close associate and collaborator since 2006 (when I participated in a ‘Press-Corps’ project with Static for Insa Space, Seoul and Gwangju Biannial 2006).

In 2008 I took part in ‘Damien Hirst: One Night Only’ at the Glucksman Gallery in Cork, Ireland. This say Static make an installation, as part of the Andy Warhol ‘Eternal Now’ show which sought to unpack the developing curatorial mechanisms for concretizing (and lionizing) ephemeral acts, activities and interventions as legitimized art works of value. In 2011 I also collaborated with Sullivan on ‘Terminal Convention’ which saw 20 artists, an art market, a farmers market and an international art symposium occupy the decommissioned airport terminal at Cork, Ireland. In 2013 I recently participated in Partition, a two day discursive intervention into Void gallery space in Derry. The purpose of partition was to discuss whether or not a show of physical work/objects should take place (or not) at the galley in question. 2013 has also seen the launch of Product, Static’s own record label. This will operate as another vehicle for exploring and examining interdisciplinary relationships.

A still image from Static's on-going Noodle Bar project

A still image from Static’s on-going Noodle Bar project

As an independent and multi-use project space, Static provides a platform for developing a range of short, medium and long term projects and interventions which explore relationships between architecture, art, music and popular culture. Most notable of these has been ‘Noodle Bar’, an on-going intervention into the consequences of global cultural drift which began in 2008 (when Static invited a Korean family from Seoul to run a Noodle Bar in Liverpool for a year). Initially based on some of the shared interests that Paul Sullivan (Director of Static Gallery) and I have over Manet’s 1882 painting ‘Bar at the Folies Bergère’, this intervention has developed into a complex set of relationships between art, business, border agencies, local planning commissions, customs, traditions, expectations, misconceptions and food. In 2014, Sullivan has edited a film version of ‘Noodle Bar’ for BAK and a new version of Noodle Bar has been included for The Van Abbemuseums show ‘Confessions of the Imperfect 1848 – 1989 – Today: A traverse through modern culture’.