The Glossary of Common Knowledge: Geo-Politics

From Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th of September I attended the ‘Geo-Politics’ Glossary of Common Knowledge Seminars and Talks at +MSUM Ljubljana. This was an incredible event, details of which can be found at the Glossary of Common Knowledge site. The event launched with a talk by Boris Burden and also included a public Panel on ‘The Geopolitics of Migration’ from Boris Buden, Djordje Balmazović (Škart collective), Ela Meh, Tzortzis Rallis and Darij Zadnikar. As the realities of the migration ‘crisis’ gripped Europe, it was also decided to add the term ‘Migrancy’ to the debate over Geopolitics. The next Glossary of Common Knowledge Seminar will be in Liverpool in early March and will look at the term Constituencies as part of the L’Internationale ‘Constituencies’ research strand of the ‘Uses of Art Project’.