Office of Useful Art: Liverpool 2015 – Localist Worker Continues on Day 2

After the successful opening of the ‘Office of Useful Art: Liverpool 2015 – Localist Worker’ on Monday 19th October, the pace continued on 20th October with a discussion between Alistair Hudson (Director of MIMA), around 20 MA students from Liverpool School of Art and Design (Fine Art, Fashion, Graphics and Illustration, Exhibition Studies and Urban Design) and myself (John Byrne).

Alistair and I introduced the Office, its ideas and concepts, our aims and intentions, and how this relates to our on-going research and work with our partners at L’Internationale and Tate Liverpool. We also discussed the forthcoming Visible Prize. We were also able to introduce students to Radames Anja and Thiago Hersan who will be joining us from FactLab.

In the afternoon we also had a session of talks and discussions with Patrick Fox (Director) and Kat Dempsey (Lead Producer) of Heart of Glass, St. Helens.

Today, Wednesday 21st, has seen Thiago and Radames setting up for this eveings FabLab event with Lol Barker and for beginning their creative coding workshops using Java Script and Python.

A timetable of our activities at the ‘Office of Useful Art: Liverpool 2015 – Localist Worker’ can now also be found at the Arte Útil Website