The Office of Useful Art: Liverpool 2015 – Localist Worker Days 3-5

On days 3-5 of The Office of Useful Art: Liverpool 2015 – Localist Worker (October 21st – 23rd) discussion and dialogue moved on apace. Wednesday 23rd saw FactLab continue using the space for their research and Lindsay Fryer, Head of Learning at Tate Liverpool, dropping by to hold an impromptu meeting. In the evening, the first of two FabLabs run by Lol Baker took place. Local constituent John Hunter developed the  3D scan of his head and began to discuss the potential impact and influence that shared maker spaces might have on his own practice as a photographer and creative. Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd saw the continuation of the Liverpool mapping project by PhD student Emma Curd and the proposal, by Alistair Hudson, for the Google map of Liverpool social practice to form the basis of a more general map of activity for the Association of Arte-Util website. Emma Curd will also use this map as a basis for discussions with Gemma Medina, of ‘Broadcasting the Archive’ when she visits Liverpool from 28th to 31st October. The aim is to identify some of the centres of practice in Liverpool and for Gemma to visit these locations as a means to develop the ‘Broadcasting the Archive’ toolkit for live data collection and publication.