Visible Award: Liverpool 2015


On Saturday 31 November the Visible Award 2015 took place at Liverpool Town Hall. An audience of local and international users and constituents were joined online in a discussion and debate to identify the winner of the Visible Award 2015. After deliberation and voting the clear winner was the Karrabing Film Collective – though I voted for the Abounaddara Collective. This was a great event to be at, and I’m incredibly grateful to both Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander for involving me, and the Office of Useful Art, into this incredible, knotty, difficult and apposite project as a collaborator and as a jury member. The other incredible serendipity of the day was to bump into my old fried Michael Simon, who I’d not seen for many years, and to begin another form of collaboration. Simon works closely with the Granby 4 Streets project in the Liverpool area of Toxteth (which includes the incredible work that ‘Assemble‘ have been doing in collaboration with residence from the the area for some years) and we are now planning further and future collaborations.

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