The Whitworth and Manchester Art Galleries Collaboration

In January 2019, and as part of my role as Director of the Uses of Art Lab at Liverpool John Moores University, I began a collaborative project between LJMU’s School of Art and Design and The Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery. Over the next years, this will see me develop a role as a Researcher and Writer in Residence at both The Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery and, consequently, this will enable me to work on a long-term basis with staff and constituents of The Whitworth and the Manchester Art Gallery, as well as staff, students and constituents of Liverpool School of Art and Design, via The Uses of Art Lab. Initially I have been attending a series of Ruskin Reading Groups, led by Luke Uglow, at The Whitworth and I have also been working with Curator Poppy Bowers to develop Constituent practices via the forthcoming Ruskin show ‘Joy for Ever: How to use art to change the world and its price in the market‘, which will open at the Whitworth on March 29th 2019. I will also be collaborating on the development of a permanent Office of Useful Art that will open at The Whitworth in the autumn of 2019 which will also house the Archive of the Association of Arte Util. I would like to thank long term collaborator in use, and Director of The Whitworth and Manchester Galleries Alistair Hudson, as well as my Director of School, Caroline Wilkinson, and LJMU Faculty Dean of Research John Hyatt for making this collaboration possible.