The Whitworth: Economics Seminar

On Friday 15th February 2019 I was able to participate in a seminar at The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, which forms part of the lead up to a forthcoming show on Art and The Economy (currently slated to open in late 2020 or early 2021). Organized by Alistair Hudson and Samantha Lackey, in conjunction with economist Ismail Ertürk, this was an opportunity to begin thinking of how this show could be developed as an open, ongoing and constituent project, via the forthcoming Office of Useful Art (which will open at The Whitworth in Autumn 2019), that will reactivate alternative thinking about how art can be used as a catalyst to rethink forms of both economic and non-economic reciprocity, exchange and use-value. As a means to develop thinking around this subject, our good friends Kathrin Böhm and Kuba Szreder presented the Company Drinks project as an example of how an art project can work across different scales, locations, communities and identities (both economic and otherwise) and, also, some of the key questions that this kind of 1:1 Scale practice now raise for the contemporary art world and alternative plausible art worlds.